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10 Beautiful Houseplants for 2015

10 Beautiful Houseplants for 2015

If you don't have a back yard to grow a garden, you don't have to give up on gardening all together. There are many great plants that you can grow within the four walls of your home or apartment. Here are some great plants that will add greenery and color to your home:

African Violet
African violets bloom all year round and are easy to grow. Simply put this plant on a bright window and keep the soil evenly moist. It can grow between 8 to 16 inches depending on the variety chosen.

10 Beautiful Houseplants for 2015

Brazilian Fireworks
Brazilian Fireworks bloom in late spring and in summer. This beautiful red flower has stunning green and silver leaves can grow up to 1 foot tall and requires evenly moist soil.

Calamondin Orange
Calamondin Orange is a hybrid indoor plant, which is a cross between the mandarin orange and the kumquat. This 4 feet tall plant blooms in late winter or spring with beautiful white blossoms and later with fruit.

Gloxinias are bell shaped flowers that bloom in late winter or early spring. These beautiful flowers come in a variety of colors and require humidity to grow. They will grow up to 18 inches in height.

Jasmines are available in pink and white and are easy to grow provided you give them sufficient water and sunlight. These vines can grow up to 4 feet in height and spread a delightful fragrance throughout the room.

10 Beautiful Houseplants for 2015
Streptocarpus or cape primrose can bloom throughout the year. They are available in pinks, whites, and purples with contrasting yellow throats. They require moisture and sunlight in summer and extremely little moisture in the winter. They can grow to 18 inches.

Christmas Cactus
Christmas Cactus has uniquely shaped blooms that develop during the cold of winter. It has beautiful red flowers that add festive color to your home during the holiday season. It can grow between 12 to 18 inches in height.

Shrimp Plant
Shrimp plant is a shrub that produces flower spike year round. It pink bracts with white flowers or yellow or chartreuse bracts make it an interesting looking flower. It can grow to 3 feet tall.

Ixora is a flower cluster that growing in many colors - orange, red, and yellow. It requires light, humidity and warmth. It can grow to 5 feet in height.

10 Beautiful Houseplants for 2015

Geraniums are easy to grow and are available in many different varieties from simple plants to showy flower. It can grow to 3 feet in height.

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