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Feng Shui Home Design

There are many factors in feng shui home design that ought to impact somebody's decision to purchase a house. When you go house hunting, it's vital that you have some basic knowledge of feng shui principles to help with the decision making process. If there are too many problem areas, it's a sign that you'll be negatively impacted if you choose to live there.
Once inside the house, you will need to carefully observe the structure and entire floor plan of the house. The one reason to completely reject a house is if there are way too many problem areas.

 Avoid buying a home that is found near cemeteries, police stations, hospitals, waste management facilities or any other sites that may adversely affect your home. Landscaping in the front of the house should be inviting for the 'qi' to flow right into your home. Feng shui is the art of improving the environment that you reside or work by making a series of changes to the color, layout and decor. However basic feng shui principles are very easy to master and can easily be applied by anyone.
Feng shui can be used to free up that flow of energy. How can energy flow freely when there's an accumulation of unnecessary stuff everywhere? The overall mood somebody experiences when living or working inside a cluttered space is stress and anxiety. Feng shui room by room to truly get the best out of the experience. Every room in your house serves a purpose therefore similar principles cannot be applied to all rooms. That being said, colors, furniture arrangement and decor should vary from room to room.

Feng shui colors depend on the mood that should be set for that specific room. The room layout refers to the way in which furniture is arranged to increase the flow of energy. Placement of furniture in a particular room will depend not only on the entire layout of a house, but also what purpose the room serves.

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