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Interior Design Trends 2016

Vanilla 21 - Along with new year, 2016 will bring the latest trends in the interior design.This obviously will facilitate you want to plan renovated the interior of to room in the house.Whether it is a bedroom, the living room and the bathroom.Not just mention a trend that will future, some styles is much adopted in 2015 also have shall fade in 2016.The following in can spread from the experts interiordesigner discussed of zillow digs.

Motives and the inspired by style of art deco
Art deco will bring considerable influence on the 2016.With a characteristic geometric motives and shape beehive, you can get inspiration when it comes to create a design furniture customs or choose wallpaper.Art deco ready giving a touch artistic value and elegance to any space.Experts also predicts gold popular lighting will this year.

Wool nubby carpet
Woolen material nubby or natural fibers a kind of will enter the texture in 2016 especially for carpets.With the option of neutrals, this carpet will be perfect to put in or outdoor.While combination of a bold will create impressions dramatic. Between them

Tiles encaustic
This complex tiles patterned attended by choice color and made of clay, not glaze.Ceramic it can give the focus beautiful and natural.You can apply ceramic option is to apply to the kitchen, the bathroom tiles, even the accent.

Pieces of historic
Gather some antiques the souvenirs or the findings from a flea market to create stories and artwork unique.If it takes items additional you can also ordered the stuff the particulars of local craftsman.

Toples mason
Yes, toples mason it did multi function for decoration restaurant even marriage in 2015.Ranging from drinking glass, vase until a chandelier. Unfortunately next year this trend start with their.Lime and boardLime inherent on board can easily fade, but written with paint with materials durable.This idea not the best way to chosen as decorating a house. No wonder in 2016, some people will begin leaving this trend.

Details burlap sacks
Burlap materials were too hard to use as an indoor. material Besides, gives the impression shabby and old to furnishing you.But, in 2016 election by natural soft many more chosen to cushion, material carpet and blankets.

How, has received a dream design for the interior of the year? Good try!

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