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Best Plants for Hedges

Best Plant for Hedges By Vanilla 21

Vanilla 21 Home Design - House natural theme is not necessarily filled with tree wood,  moreover, most houses in urban areas have land of limited range.To illustrate the condition of natural at home, one of them can plant use which could be as a fence home.In addition to creating house you become more cool, hedgerows also serves as parapet in the security system where you live.But not all types of it can be used as a fence house, for it at this opportunity we will share information about species of plants to a fence can make it home you is more cool natural.

Here are seven type of a plant suitable to be used as as a fence house :

American Holly
Plant one is extremely suitable for use as a fence, house having the characteristics of heavy leaves order to be able to close the.But to keep him looks beautiful you to be diligent cut regularly if leaves have grown bushy irregular.

Japanese Holly
According to his name plants it was his brother american the holy but has a higher with a barbed shank.To those of japanese the holy the moment fellow used as a fence for stylish home more natural and traditionally.

Bamboo Ornamental
Bamboo is plant that has many benefits and easily found in our country.But bamboo suitable as a fence house is kinds of bamboo ornamental berkuran kecil-kecil with color as the green or yellow.Tsnaman bamboo is very easy to grow by the condition of the lighting minimal without even though. Land If you want a fence stronger and varieties bamboo supersized you can choose.

These plants can be used to decorate a fence made of concrete walls /. One of them is Boston fern, the more plants ferns used so your house will be more foliate which will enable green sentuha for your house

English Ivy
Crop for hedges the fifth is English ivy we often find on wall. CastleIts growth is quite so quickly that the able to cover the fence. Castle. But alas crop is moderately hard found in Indonesia, besides serves as hedge plant English ivy is often disebut-sebut as a good for patient’s asthma and orang-orang with allergies terhadapa dust.

Clematis is a plant suitable used for hedges and has violet . Flowers these plants growing creepers and suitable planted on palisade, so the impression would naturally look more beautiful and draw with interest colored the purplish.

Cedar Trees
This tree is crop of high and great that match if used as a fence to house or villas. But to get the cedar tree great take a long time in maintain.

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