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Energy Efficient House Design

Vanilla 21 Home Design - Many things can be done to save energy. Energy savings alone, is one wise step in the effort to prevent the earth from the ravages of global warming. One way can be initiated from the design of energy-efficient homes.

Because the home as a center of activity and a place to rest and spend always absorb energy in an amount not less every second. As a result, the demand for electricity and clean water will continue to increase as the number and the human population.

To create energy-efficient homes, should start from the beginning of designing the house. How to? Consider the following.

1. Keep your house is not facing east so the sun does not directly enter into the house.

2. Adjust the placement of the room, by multiplying the areas of the north and south. This is done so that the sun does not directly enter into the house and caused the house temperature rises.

3. Try on each room has a window or ventilation, so that no air exchange. Because the trapped air in the room will make the room temperature is high.

4. You can install shading or light barrier, like a canopy. This is done to prevent direct sunlight into the house through a window or vent.

5. Use energy-saving electronic devices, ranging from light to power consuming devices is quite large. Especially for those who are still using the old device, which is a pity weeks to replace it with a new energy-saving products. However, if one thinks about the long-term, high cost at the beginning will not be in vain. Because, in the future you can save money to pay electricity and save the environment.

6. Reduce the dependence on groundwater resources. If possible, use rainwater as an alternative source of water by making the absorption wells.

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