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Small Living Room Design Ideas

Vanilla 21 Home Design - Living room is one place in a house most exciting because we can say that it holds the heart of a house.In their living room this is usually family gathered in leisure, so why not it is only natural you take a design good? If you think about design minimalism simple then you just come here, because i were intended to make articles on picture design living room minimalism. Simple

Design living room minimalism simple

Design simple minimalism is now being. Trend. With a pattern a straight line is simply and a bright color will make fresh. Mind. Maybe creamy color, white, or blue is one of the right choice.You should use the couch seats for are intended to relax, because her name was also living room.Do not forget your TV; it should be a flat and large also home theater (if it had more money).

Tips in Designing Minimalist Simple Family Room

In designing a family room minimalist course there are some tips that can be useful and should you consider before starting building a minimalist living room of your dreams. gives you some tips that can be used as a reference, you know. Approximately what are? Check this out

Scene Selection
We recommend that you determine a theme that works for the family room. An example is if you want a family room is that is multifunctional like can be used as a playground for children; you can consider the concept theme is light, cheerful and playful.

Staining Technique
Staining technique is one thing that can be applied easily in a minimalist living room of your dreams. If you have a family room is not wide enough, it is advisable to use one type of color alone. This is to avoid the narrow sense. Also avoid black color so that the room does not feel dark and smepit.

Selection Furniture
Due to the size of the family room is minimalist normally not broad enough, then it is better to choose small and simple furniture. Similarly, the selection of electronic items, paintings, photographs. And accessories. You must memproporsikannya by the area so the room does not seem cluttered and cramped.

You must provide the lighting is not bright enough good of light or the light obtained from the glass window. Try to keep all the corners of the room to create an atmosphere of light illuminated the rooms were spacious and loose.

Furniture Placement
Of course in addition to the selection of furniture that is simple and small, you also do not forget about the placement of the layout of the furniture so as not to obstruct the road and the view. Arrange in such a way so as to create a harmonious atmosphere of the living room, relaxed, and comfortable.

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