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9 under stairs storage ideas

9 under stairs storage ideas

Vanilla 21 Home Design - Stairs is the most common for each property either for home or commercial building with a floor more than one floor. Not infrequently we find the bottom of the stairs that emptied without greater usability and often the breeding of dust and dirt. For it was on this occasion we will allot 9 Idea use the empty space under the stairs for you in order to further maximize the empty space in terms of functionality and aesthetics for the room in your home.


Utilization of the most common that we often see in various residential homes and by maximizing storage space under the stairs as a collection of books as well as a collection of objects


Give two pieces of wood that will serve as the wooden door, with a maximum size you can enter a variety of goods from small up to the size of the bike when the high slope and you have enough space under the stairs.

TV cabinet

The next idea is to make the room into a closet that is tailored to your Flat TV put in it. Thus you will have a broader space for a sofa, recliner and even a playground for the baby.
9 under stairs storage ideas

Rather focus and stillness while trying to complete the work at home? Perhaps you would be better juggle space under the stairs you as a workspace that has a hanging rack and a table that has a drawer with a key that can be used to save various important documents in it.


Utilization of the others and can be emulated is to make the room as a pantry with several cupboards used to save various snacks can also be used to prepare breakfast in the morning for your family

Wine Cellar

For the wine collector space under the stairs even this can be maximized as a Wine storage was or what we hear as the Wine Cellar, In addition to the storage function, by adding a bit of dramatic lighting roomseven this adds to the luxury of your dwelling especially when guests see
9 under stairs storage ideas


It's good for the following idea be applied to your property is located in cold regions such as mountains or highlands. In addition to providing warmth of the fireplace will save your money to buy a heating which limited durability.


Besides being able to be used as a room that has a need for a bit, you can also experiment by placing a bed under the stairs, of course with the calculation, not to make a part of your body when you wake up the morning knock.


Here is also an experiment conducted an interior designer to turn a room under the stairs into a bathroom that is clean and has a ceiling which is unique because it is the inside of the stairs in his house.

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